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Yuggazstroy – Oil and Gas construction services / Юггазстрой– Главный подрядчик нефтегаза

(English)Yuggazstroy is one of the largest oil and gas construction companies in Uzbekistan. Among the six construction companies within the Uzbekneftegas holding, Yuggazstroy has the largest number of employees, machinery and equipment. We are bullish about the Uzbek oil and gas sector, as well as 16.03.2009 далеедалее...
11.08.2008 200 грн.

In the eye of the storm: Ukraine's economy amidst global crisis

(English)From mid-2007 till now, it has been a difficult period for the global economy. Despite not being fully integrated into the global economic system, the Ukrainian economy has felt the influence of the economic crisis. In this report we analyze the performance of the Ukrainian economy in 2008 16.03.2009 далеедалее...
23.09.2008 1000 грн.

Regional electricity distribution — different identities / Энергораспределительные компании – разные идентичности

(English) The energy sector in Ukraine is one of the country’s great assets. A country with a population of 47 mln and heavy industries generates significant demand for electricity. Currently there are 27 major electricity distribution companies (oblenergos) in Ukraine, 20 of which are public. This 16.03.2009 далеедалее...
18.02.2009 3000 грн.

Ukrnafta: after a halt, refueling begins / «Укрнафта»: начинается перезаправка после торможения

(English)A revision of Ukrnafta’s prospects incorporates sharply lower expectations, but nevertheless renders the stock underpriced. Executive Summary• Expectations need revisions. On July 05, 2008 we issued an update on Ukrnafta. We expected a 2Q08 EBITDA of USD 202 mln, as well as USD 130 per 16.03.2009 далеедалее...
11.11.2008 300 грн.

Captain Nemo’s story: In search of the bottom… / История капитана Немо: В поисках дна

(English)Despite being traditionally a low activity month on the PFTS, August 2008 was marked by another wave of unprecedented sales of Ukrainian stocks, lowering the PFTS index to its 52W low 513.84 points by the end of August with equity trading volumes of USD 138 mln being 29% lower compared to J 16.03.2009 далеедалее...
16.09.2008 500 грн.

Uzmetcombinat: STEEL production

(English)Uzmetcombinat is the only steel production enterprise in Central Asia, whose activity is highly supported by the Government of Uzbekistan. The plant has an approved Modernization Program for 2007-2011 that aims to potentially increase the enterprise’s level of steel production to an estimat 16.03.2009 далеедалее...
11.10.2008 600 грн.

Tashneftegazstroy – gas pipelines construction

(English)Tashneftegazstroy is one of the largest oil and gas construction companies of the national oil and gas holding Uzbekneftegas, with pipelines construction as its core activity. Most of Tashneftegazstroy’s services are provided for the Uzbek oil and gas sector; however, the company is also in 16.03.2009 далеедалее...
20.08.2008 200 грн.

Uzbekcoal: Cheap coal for central Asia

(English)The OJSC “Uzbekcoal” has been operating as part of the structure of SJSC “Uzbekenergo” since 2001. Uzbekcoal is a monopolist in the coal mining sector, extracting resources for power stations using the open-pit mining method. The estimated stocks of coal in Uzbekistan is nearly 5.7-7 bln to 16.03.2009 далеедалее...
21.08.2008 200 грн.

Azerbaijan – Macroeconomic Overview

Azerbaijan is a country with unrevealed potential and the highest GDP growth rate in the world; however, the high level of real GDP growth is mainly based on the county’s oil extraction. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan’s GDP per capita level is similar to that of Ukraine. Among the major risks of investing he 16.03.2009 далеедалее...
17.10.2008 700 грн.

Bukhara Electric Gridlines - the first privatized DisCo

(English)The Uzbek electricity system, which was part of the former USSR electricity network, is somewhat similar to the current Ukrainian and the pre-reformed Russian electricity systems. Although the state is to privatize 15-25% of the stakes in most of the Uzbek electricity generators and distrib 16.03.2009 далеедалее...
16.07.2008 250 грн.
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Инвестиционная группа «Сократ» была основана в 1994 году и сегодня является одним из ведущих независимых игроков и крупнейших операторов рынка капитала Украины.

Основными направлениями деятельности группы «Сократ» являются инвестиционный банкинг, управление активами, приват-банкинг, торговля ценными бумагами, хранение ценных бумаг. «Сократ» одной из первых, среди инвестиционных компаний Украины, предлагает услуги управления прямыми инвестициями, доверительного управления, приват-банкинг и создания фондов пре-IPO.

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