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Ukrainian Railway Machinery: Stakhaniv Wagon

Автор: Конкорд Консалтинг - 28.02.2007 - 15 стр.
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1. Our Expectations Fulfilled
Ambitious Plans Realized
Moving Into New Markets

2. Changes In Financials
Gross margin. No comment…
Fixed Asset Revaluation
Tax Optimization

3. Mid-Term Outlook: Positive
Freight Cars Are Hot in the CIS
CIS Railway Monopolies Are Waking Up
Small Cargo Operators Drive Demand
Leasing Operators Trigger Growth

4. SVGZ Forecast Revision
Output To Double In The Mid-Term
CapEx: Revised Downward
Export Focus Preferred
Exports Yield Higher Returns

5. Valuation
Business Model Revision
DCF Model Summary
Peer Comparison
Valuation Summary
Adjustment for the new share issue

6. Financial Summary


SVGZ Market
Production and sales
Sales destinations, USD mln
Gross margin. No comment…
Share of independent cargo operators in Russia in 2006
SVGZ Production Destinations, Units
Average Unit Selling Prices, USD ths


Market data
MCap, USD Mln
Shares, mln
Stock ownership
Key Financials
Market Multiples
Key Operating Data
DCF Model Summary
Sensitivity Analysis - Implied Share Price, USD
Financial Summary
Additional Share Issue Arithmetic, USD
Income Stattement Summary, USD mln
Balance Sheet Summary, USD mln

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