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Ukrainian Consumer Electronics Retail: Ekvin

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Rapidly growing market
MKS: Geared up for prompt expansion
PC and Audio/video segments major growth drivers

2. 2006 Results
Retail chain roll-out program set for launch
Stronger sales
Reshuffling product mix to sustain robust growth
Laptops secured higher PC sales
Deeper penetration into brown goods
Opening up new markets drags profitability

Central & Eastern Europe’s fastest growing market
Macroeconomic environment favors further growth
Modern formats gain market share
Higher share of non-food products
Regions become key growth engine

4. Ukraine’s consumer electronics:  Fast growing child

5. Market players
Market fragmentation remains high
So far M&A and foreign interest has been sluggish
PC & IT-related segment

6. MKS franchise
Light on its feet
Focused on the right region
Kyiv: Precision expansion
The roll-out program

7. Trading formats
High brand recognition
Multi-format approach
Hyper & Mini format interplay
Small size fits PCs best
Hyper size
Insight into the efficiency
Brisk exploration of new markets
Outlet profiles by format
Electronics supermarket
Computer supermarket
Computer store

8. Segment outlook
PCs: Reshuffled product mix to sustain solid growth
Laptop revolution
Strong response to the market challenge
Desktops still extremely under-penetrated
Corporate sales to support desktops
White goods to slow as segment approaches saturation
Audio/Video sales: Growth to continue
Mobile handsets: Not impressive, but encouraging

9. Real estate: Extra gravy
Account for real estate to see real life book
The hedge and value booster

10. Valuation summary
DCF Valuation
Peer comparison
Sum-of-the-parts valuation

11. Financial statements


Retail sales in Europe, CAGR 03-05
Ukraine’s retail sector vs. Global markets
Growth: Retail turnover vs real GDP
Growth in real disposable income
Consumer loan growth
Non-food vs food retail sales
Ukraine’s retail by trade channel
Non-food portion in total retail sales
Food vs. non-food sales in Ukraine
CE market breakdown by segment
Ukraine’s CE market CAGR 2003-06E
Ukraine’s CE product penetration
CE sales breakdown by trade channel
Total trading area, ths sq. m
Number of outlets
Net sales dynamics, USD mln
MKS’s PC assembling, units ths
Network expansion by region in 2007
Computer stores: Average sales per sq. m vs trading area
Trade space efficiency by formats
Hypermarkets at different maturity stages
Formats’ location and maturity stage
Computer stores:  Average sales per sq. m & stage of maturity
MKS’s growth by segment
Ukraine’s PC sales, units
MKS’s PC sales, units
MKS: Plasma & LCD in total TV sales
Plasma & LCD market share, 2009


Market data
12M target
Indicators, 2006
Key Financials, USD mln
Price Ratios
MKS’s 2006 results
Key Ukrainian CE retailers
Ukraine’s top PC assemblers
MKS’s mid-term expansion plan
Electronics supermarket
Computer supermarket
Computer store
Growth rates of revenues by segment: MKS vs. the market
Model Assumptions
MKS Discounted cash flow valuation
Sensitivity Analysis: Equity Value, USD mln
Global CE Retailers
Household appliances & audio-video retailers
Mobile phones retailers
PC & IT-related products retailers
MKS: SOTP Valuation Summary
Financial statements


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