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Ukrainian Insurance: Universalna Insurance

Автор: Конкорд Консалтинг - 09.07.2007 - 32 стр.
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1. Investment summary
Top-10 player in the booming insurance market.
Strongly positioned in motor insurance.
Investment income becomes important earnings driver.
We see acquisition as the next catalyst.
Currently fair-valued.

2. Valuation summary

3. Ukraine’s insurance market
Penetration very low vs. GEM
Out of the shadows
Going retail
Life insurance gaining weight
Key players

4. Key MARKET GROWTH drivers
Motor insurance leads
CASCO is key
OMTPL: Legal enforcement makes it another driver
Property segment up on mortgages
Medical picks up
M&A: Eying growth and synergies

5. Universalna franchise
Market position
Targeting the most promising niches
Motor insurance
Optimizing delivery channels
Ukraine's fifth largest national network
Main distribution channel - Agents
Transforming its format to speed up expansion
Moving into Ukraine's largest regional market
Investment income to drive earnings
Shareholder structure

6. Valuation
Peer comparison
Comparable deals
Residual income model

7. Financial statements


Stock performance vs. PFTS
Stock performance: SKUN vs. EM peers, YTD
Valuation results
Insurance penetration: Ukraine vs. GEM
Gross premiums written growth
Gross premiums written, USD mln
Reinsurance share in GPW, %
Financial risk insurance in GPW, %
Retail segment dynamics
Life insurance premiums
Life premiums as % of GDP
Real market GPW breakdown, 2006
Growth by segment in 2006, % yoy
Contributors to motor insurance market growth, CAGR 2007-2009
Motor insurance growth by segment, 2006
Motor insurance breakdown
Car sales, CAGR 05-06
Number of cars per 1,000 inhabitants
Residential housing construction
Mortgage loans, USD bln
GPW breakdown by key segments: Universalna vs. market
Universalna’s national coverage
Number of branches
GPW by distribution channel
Company’s staff breakdown
GPW by distribution channels, 2006
GWP by regional branches, 2006
SKUN's GPW by regions, 2006
Investment vs. Underwriting income, USD mln
Equity portfolio of affiliated & non-affiliated company stocks
Universalna’s shareholder structure


Market data
12M Target
Key financials, 2007E
Ratios, 2007E
Market multiples, 2007E
Retail insurance development
Ukraine’s largest life insurers
Top-10 Ukrainian real insurance leaders
Recent M&A deals in the sector
Top-10 real market insurers, GPW, USD ths
Ukraine’s Top-10 motor insurers, USD ths
Leaders of property insurance, Real market
Investment portfolio, USD ths
Universalna equity portfolio, 1Q07
Emerging market M&A deals in the insurance sector
Recent M&A deals in the sector
Universalna’s equity valuation model
Sensitivity analysis, USD
Income statement summary, USD ths
Balance sheet summary, USD ths
Key ratios


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