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Ukrainian Coal Machinery: Yasynuvatsky Machinery

Автор: Конкорд Консалтинг - 24.07.2007 - 14 стр.
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1. Valuation summary
2. The Return of the Roadheaders
3. CIS demand for roadheaders on the rise
4. Next surge in demand expected in 2009-2010
5. Ukraine: Demand driven by growth and modernization

6. Russia: Shopping For New Roadheaders
7. Competition: And Then Their Were Two
8. Yasynuvatsky MB vs Kopyisky MB
Other producers not a threat
9. Yasynuvatsky MB: Strong & Growing
10. Robust growth in financials and production expected
11. Debt financing to be attracted
12. Growing presence on other markets
13. More heavy machines in the product mix
14. Valuation
14.1 Peer comparison
14.2 DCF
15. Financial statements
16. Analyst certification


Stock performance vs. PFTS
Sector performance
Trading volumes, USD mln
International peers & DCF
Ukrainian coal machinery peers
Ukrainian machine-building peers
Dynamics of roadheaders purchases in the CIS, units
Coal extraction, mln mt
Roadheader fleet and efficiency rate
Coal extraction in Ukraine, mln mt
Contributors to extra demand for roadheaders in Ukraine until 2015
Breakdown of roadheader purchases by Russian mines, units
Transformation of the roadheader fleet in Russia, units
CIS roadheaders market breakdown by producer, units
Roadheaders sales analysis
Sales breakdown, USD mln
Yasynuvatsky’s roadheaders production breakdown, units


Market information
Stock ownership
Ratios, 2006
Key financials & ratios
Key financials forecast, USD mln
Peer comparison
Key peers financials
Basic assumptions
Discounted cash flow
Sensitivity analysis: Implied share price, USD
Financial statements


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